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How Can Our ‘Hair Doctor’ Help Your Hair Growth?

Hannah works to identify the causes of compromised health that may be affecting your hair, and helps to get you onto the quickest and most direct plan for better hair growth.

Hannah will talk with you about your hair, your health and daily routine.

She will then provide tailored advice on the following:

  • Hormone health
  • Dietary habits
  • Forming healthy habits
  • Environmental effects
  • Stress management
  • Next steps after your consultation

Meet Hannah Gaboardi

Hannah Gaboardi is a qualified trichologist and hair colourist with over 15 years experience in the industry. As a trichologist she specialises in the science of human hair and scalp - it's function, structure and overall health.

Hannah analyses each individual's hair concerns along with their biological makeup through expert analysis of factors such as nutrient and vitamin levels; she then designs targeted plans to address the individual's needs.

With her own salon in Knightsbridge and years of hands-on experience, she really understands hair from the inside out - from the science behind our hair and scalp health, to how best to style it according to our needs.