Is your hand bag making you break out?

Own up to it girls... We all go through the same cycle when we get a new handbag... The first week we treat it like it's our favourite child, it gets it's own seat at restaurants and we strictly keep its contents to our purse, diary and keys. Then it gradually, gradually becomes the home of receipts, hair grips, makeup stains, loose chewing gum and general food crumbs. 
Recent studies at the University of Colorado found that the cleanliness of your bag might be worse than you think. With over 10,000 different types of bacteria...this is more than a loo. 
Then you touch your face which is pretty much asking for a spot.
Not your favourite child now is it hey?
Even your hands carry 4,700 different bacteria which also touch everything in your bag on a daily basis. 
Add to the fact you've got lip balms, lipsticks that lose their caps over time you have yet another cesspit of germs. 
The worst culprits are those beautiful leather ones because the germs can sink in really deep. 
The worst culprit of all in your bag is old bottles of hand cream - these alone carry more bacteria than a loo seat.
So before you go burning all your bags in a fire try following these tips to keep germs at bay. 
- Try to wash your hands after going through your bag. 
- Wipe your phone with an antibacterial wipe as often as possible, this is a massive germ transporter to your face. 
-Hang your bag on doors or chairs rather than the floor
-Make sure any food you put in there is tightly wrapped.
-Lastly get out of the habit of wrapping chewing gum in receipts. Theres no tip for that -just stop. 
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