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Do you go green with envy everytime you see glamorous models in shampoo advertisements flaunting their long, luscious locks? Atleast I do. We always think that there is something wrong with our shampoo for not getting the desired results. We grab whatever over-the-counter product with fancy packaging catches our sight and expect to have hair like Angelina Jolie. But hold on ladies, you are in for a rude awakening. There may be a problem with ‘how’ you wash your hair not what ‘product’ you use. You may use world’s best shampoo to clean your hair but it won’t have any effect if you are shampooing your hair the wrong way. Go through our guide below to understand the proper way to wash your hair.

Step 1:

The first thing you should do before shampooing your hair is to comb. It is very important to smooth the knots in your hair as it will prevent excess hair breakage during shampooing and also stimulates circulation in your scalp.

Step 2:

Completely wet your hair with warm water. It will open the cuticles, which will help in the removal of dirt or product caught in the hair.

Step 3:

Apply a quarter-sized amount of shampoo (no more than that) on the palms of your hands and apply it onto the scalp. Start lathering from the roots and work your way down.

Step 4:

When you feel your hair is fully lathered, start massaging it with your fingertips. Massage your scalp in vertical strokes. Don’t use circular motion as it will tangle your hair. Don’t massage too vigorously, be gentle. Wash your hair like you wash your hands, delicately and carefully. Do this massaging routine for atleast 2 minutes. Add some water to your hands after about every 20 seconds and massage it into your hair. This helps the shampoo to reach its true potential and also improves scalp circulation. Don’t use your nails as the scratching may result in dandruff.

Step 5:

After this massage routine, rinse your hair with lukewarm water. Squeeze your hair during the rinse with your hands and make sure all the shampoo comes out of your hair. Rinse your locks until they squeak.

Step 6:

Now use cool water to rinse your hair and scalp just once. This improves blood circulation.

Step 7:

Straighten your hair with your fingers and add conditioner from mid-length to tips. Don’t apply the conditioner in the roots. Clip up your hair on the top of your head and complete the rest of your shower routine. The longer conditioner stays in the hair, the better effect it produces.

Step 8:

When you are done with your whole shower routine, rinse your hair with cool water to remove the conditioner, thus sealing the cuticle. This gives more shine and luster to the hair.

Step 9:

Dry your hair with a towel not with a blow-dryer. Simply press the towel on your hair gently. Don’t rub the towel over hair back and forth like you are washing a rag on a washboard. This damages the hair.

Step 10:

Comb your still damp hair gently, not forcefully. Otherwise you will end up damaging still sensitive and freshly washed hair.


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