Choosing the best straighteners

One device that is considered to be a ‘must-have’ by almost all the women in the world is hair straighteners. We go to great lengths to achieve a sleek, smooth mane. Those about to buy a new flat iron for themselves become overwhelmed because of wide array of brands offering straighteners in different sizes.  Go through our blog to know what things matter while buying a hair straightener.

Hair texture

The very first thing you should consider when buying a straightener is your hair texture and quantity. If you have thick, coarse hair then you should buy an iron that heats up to high temperatures. But those having thin, fine hair should avoid such straighteners as high heat will damage their hair. They should go for the iron that offers a variety of heat settings.

Size of the straightener

You will find a variety of straighteners in the market to choose from. People who have long, thick hair should buy a large iron with wide plates as it covers more surface area. Those having short hair should buy small irons with less width. They also come in handy for styling bangs.

Plate types

This is probably the most important aspect to consider when buying a straightener. The main plate types being used today are metal, glass, ceramic, titanium and tourmaline. Avoid using straighteners with metal or glass plates. They maybe cheaper but your hair will pay the ultimate price. They take too much time to heat up and even when they do, the heat is not distributed evenly through the plates. This causes hot spots on the plates, which burns your hair. Often these straighteners have their plates covered with paint which starts to peel off after some time. This damages our hair, leaving it looking unhealthy.

Straighteners having ceramic plates are a good option and they are affordable too. They heat up quickly, don’t cause hot spots and leave the hair looking perfectly straight and shiny.

Titanium hair straightener is another perfectly viable option. They are very light so you won’t be having a sore arm when you are done with straightening your hair.  It also heats up evenly and quickly so it is a safe and excellent option to invest some money in. Both ceramic and titanium plates seal the hair cuticles thus preventing the frizz.

Straighteners with tourmaline plates have been creating quite a buzz lately. It prevents static electricity so there is no danger of frizzing.  It makes the hair look healthier and shinier as it seals the cuticles of the hair while working its way down.

Swivel Cord

You should look for a straightener with a long swivel cord so that you can straighten your hair easily without ending up tangling them.

Your budget

And ofcourse, you will have to keep your budget in mind while buying a flat iron.  It is better to invest in a straightener that is somewhat expensive but gives excellent results as compared to the one that is comparatively cheaper but yields poor results.

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