Hair tools such as blow-dryer, flat iron, curling iron etc have their share of perks and perils. They make your hair look super gorgeous but at the same time, your hair is being subjected to continuous heat damage. There comes a point when the heat detriments your hair to an extent that the damage becomes very agonizing to deal with. Go through our blog below to know how you can cure heat damage.

Assess your condition

The very first thing you need to do is calm down and assess your hair condition. In some cases, the heat damages the strands totally inside out. In that case, there is no other option left but to cut off your hair. However if the damage is only on the surface, it might not be too late.

Observe your hair during and after a shower. Was there excess hair breakage? Is your hair spongy? Even when it dries, does it still fall off easily? Well, if all these things are happening then your hair is past the point where anything could be done to cure it. The best solution is to cut it off. However if the condition hasn’t deteriorated to that extent, a few treatments and precautions can revive your hair.

Shampoo only two to three times in a week

Start the revival program with reducing the amount of shampoo you use in a week. Wash your hair with shampoo just two to three times; this would be sufficient to keep your hair clean throughout the week. Basically you need to clarify your hair before you proceed to other treatments. For example, you can do clay cleansing using bentonite clay with apple cider vinegar once a week.

Protein treatment

There are all kinds of protein treatments available, mild to severe, depending upon the amount of damage. Protein basically builds up the hair’s natural keratin. Visit a salon or get it done at home periodically.


Make your own deep treatment

Mix ingredients such as aloe vera, conditioner, eggs, yogurt, honey and banana and create your own deep treatment at home. Apply it on wet hair and leave it there for at least an hour or two. This will help the hair retain its moisture.

Trim the dead ends

Get rid of the fragile, damaged ends of your hair otherwise they will affect the overall health of the hair.

Avoid heat as much as you can

Heat is the reason you are going through this turmoil. Make sure you strictly prevent the use of any hair tool which uses heat during the recovery period.

Wear your hair in braids and other protective styles

Don’t make complicated buns or let your hair loose too often. Stick to a simple braid, as much as you can, so that your hair is less tangled and less exposed to sun and other elements.

Reassess your hair after a few weeks into the revival program and check your progress. Repeat your protein treatment after a month or so. With good care and necessary precautions, your hair may get their original health back but keep this in mind that it requires a lot of patience, strength and effort.

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