7 out of 10 women use a blow-dryer everyday. Whether it is an important business meeting in the morning, a lunch with friends or a late night hangout, we can’t just leave the house with dripping wet hair. Sure, they say it is harmful for our hair but if done the right way, it may not be that harmful. Go through our blog below to learn the proper way to blow dry your hair.

Air drying is must

It is wrong to start blow-drying your hair the moment you get out of shower or it will take ages. Let your hair air dry for a while. Slightly pat the towel over your hair (don’t rub) until it stops dripping.

Heat protectant

Applying a heat protectant is a step you must not skip at any cost. Apply a good heat protectant spray, serum or cream; covering each and every strand.

A good quality blow dryer

Invest in a branded, high quality blow dryer with good reviews. You will find a variety of blow dryers in the market with different price ranges. Don’t fall prey to those cheap, good for nothing blow dryers. You may save some money but your hair will pay the ultimate price.

Sectioning your hair

Divide your hair into 4-6 sections, depending on your hair length, you can use clips for this. It will save you time as you will not end up drying the same strands again and again.

Use your fingers

Hair stylists suggest that you should begin the blow dry with your fingers not the brush. Pull your fingers through your tresses and run the blow dryer along. Hold your hair taut and shoot the heat through the dryer at the roots.

Using a round brush for straightening

When you feel your roots are dry, move on to the brush. Don’t use a metal brush, it heats up too quickly. A round barreled brush with a mixture of boar and synthetic bristles is a good choice. Select a section of hair. Place the nozzle of dryer over that section and the brush underneath it. Move the dryer and the brush simultaneously down the length of that section, from roots to tips.

Cool down each section

The final step for each section is to hold it tight with the help of a brush and blast it with cool air from the dryer. This will lock in the shine.

Finish with a texturizing spray

Flip your hair over your head apply a texturizing spray or serum on the underside. Then apply it all over your hair.

It will take time to become a pro at this but as they say, practice makes perfect. Do it at home, in the right way, as mentioned above and soon your hair will look like you just got it styled by a professional hair stylist.



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