The arrival of summer is marked by all sorts of fun outdoor activities, the most anticipated one being swimming. People flock to pools and beaches in herds whenever they get time to make the most of the brief summer. Consequently, your hair is being subjected to dangerous elements such as chlorine, salts and sun rays. Go through our blog below to know what preventive measures you should take to protect your hair while swimming.


Rinse your hair with clean water

The first step in hair protection before swimming is rinsing your hair thoroughly with clear water. This will saturate the hair and it will absorb less chlorine and salt during swimming.

Apply oil or a conditioner

Apply some oil such as olive or coconut oil or a conditioner on your hair before stepping in the water. The oil will act as a barrier between your hair and chlorinated water, thus preventing damage. The silicones in the conditioner will keep chlorine and other chemicals away from your hair. It will also keep your hair tangle-free.

Swim cap is a must

If you are in for long swimming sessions almost everyday then you must use a swim cap. Some people retort that it doesn’t really prevent hair from getting wet. Sure, it doesn’t but it does provide protection to hair from chlorine to some extent. The idea is not to keep your hair completely dry but to prevent the sudden ambush of water.


Rinse your hair immediately

Rinsing your hair with clean water after swimming is very important because the longer chlorine and salts remain in your hair, the more damage they will cause. Rinse your hair thoroughly for atleast 5 minutes to get rid of all the chlorine and salt stuck in your hair.

Follow up with shampoo and conditioner

Shampoo your hair as soon as you can after swimming as it is the best way to remove all that chlorine bulked up in your hair. Also use a clarifying shampoo once in a week to remove all the chemicals gathered in your hair. Conditioner is a must as chlorine tends to dry out the hair. Use a comb to distribute the conditioner evenly through out the hair. The conditioner will help obtain the moisture and protein balance of the hair lost to chlorine.

Other than that, oiling your hair once in a week and minimizing the use of hair tools such as blow-dryer, flat iron and curler will also keep your hair in good health during summer.


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